When the value is clear, the decision is easy!

It is no longer enough to brand a product, service or idea and advertise it on separate multimedia platforms with no direct impact on one another.


Marketing campaigns must be integrated and complementary in structure, all with the same goal in mind. This presents a more cohesive picture to the customer and helps shorten the sales cycle.


Consumers agree.


According to a study from the American Press Institute, many Americans prefer to receive news across multiple devices, using whichever one is most convenient at the time. However, not all agree as to which devices can be the most trusted. According to the API study, “More than 6 in 10 Americans say they prefer getting news directly from a news organization.” And not from Facebook, LinkedIn or other online news sources.


By better understanding the brand, we can position and market it more efficiently, effectively and get a higher rate of return on investment.


An integrated marketing plan also has a positive effect on our clients too. Benefits can include:


  • Building trust. Customers may distrust one form of promotion such as a newspaper advertisement, but find another like a newspaper article valid.
  • Strengthening the common bond. The more that a company shares about itself with its clients, the more clients feel valued, and the stronger the connection between the two becomes.
  • Establishing the brand.  Marketing communications uses a variety of platforms to disseminate the  same message so that the branding and the messaging remains at the top of the client’s mind at all times.

At Rocketboy Media Inc., our design and copywriting team take your marketing communications campaigns to the next level by ensuring that each media platform we use to market your product, service or idea, are logically integrated with one another.

We offer a full complement of marketing services including branding and graphic design, direct marketing, marketing collateral, website design/development and content copywriting. Rocketboy Media, Inc. reviews your messaging and communication needs with you to determine which channels will best benefit your particular business model. Then we help you successfully integrate them into your marketing program.

The brand is the promise, the big idea and reputation. It's a highly valued asset and an emotional connection - good or bad.



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