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CT Motorcycle Tires

Website Design / eCommerce
CT Motorcycle Tires
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Website Design / eCommerce
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Chris from CT Motorcycle Tires went through our Business Discovery process, highlighting what he wanted his eCommerce site to convey: his quick turnaround time (one hour), precision and touchless service, additional services, and tire availability. One pain point was that customers would purchase tires from another website, and then when they went to install them, the tires would not be appropriate for that type of bike. By creating this new site, we were able to capture exactly what the client needed and made sure that the tire and service were available, which made it a lot more efficient for the client and more manageable for Chris to service the bike with the correct parts, fitting, and speed of service that his clients demanded. We also suggested a slight name change from CT Motorcycle Tires to CT Motorcycle Tires & Services.
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It's tough to find a web designer that has technical mastery but has the creative side to build a visibly pleasing site. I found that with Rocketboy Media.

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